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Austin Texas Community Information Canyon Creek

Canyon Creek is one of the best neighborhoods in Austin, particularly for those who are looking to raise a family. With wonderful amenities, exceptional local schools, and convenient access to the jobs and attractions of the city of Austin, this middle class neighborhood is a true paradise. For those in the market for affordable homes, in a neighborhood that provides both safety and a sense of community, Canyon Creek could be the perfect home. History The development of the Canyon Creek neighborhood began in the 1980's by the Blanton Company.

Prior to becoming a thriving neighborhood setting, the land that is now Canyon Creek was once a hunting and ranch area. The community here has grown in popularity, with an amazing amount of development throughout the 1990's. In the year 2005, the land within Canyon Creek was for the most part filled. Throughout the years, the residents of the neighborhood have developed an active homeowners association that has fought for constant betterment of their neighborhood. Economy/Jobs Canyon Creek, being a part of the thriving city of Austin, has the benefit of the active economy and stable job market of the region.

Austin and the surrounding area has experienced tremendous economic growth over the past few years, which has benefited the city's residents in a big way. The unemployment rate for the area is only 3.3%, which is below the state average for Texas and far below the national average. The main industries in the Austin region include computer and medical technology, with a large amount of local employment opportunities coming from Dell, Motorola, and Seton Healthcare. The location of Canyon Creek makes these employers a very short commute for residents. Real Estate Homes in the Canton Creek neighborhood are moderately priced from about the $200,000 to $400,000 range.

As of May 2008, the average listing price of a 3-bedroom home in this neighborhood was $310,000. As the neighborhood was built in the 1980's, most of the homes are fairly new and in good condition. In this community-minded neighborhood, homes and lawns are well kept, keeping property values up. There are virtually no empty lots for new construction, however there are some existing new town homes that are available for sale within the community.

Any new development makes communities such as Canyon Creek more desirable for those looking to relocate to the Austin Area. Attractions Canyon Creek has a wonderful selection of amenities and attractions at the disposal of its residents. Their homeowners' group puts on a wide range of activities for holidays and special occasions. There are neighborhood parks and a community pool, as well.

For those who enjoy sports, the community offers baseball diamonds and basketball and tennis courts for recreational uses. Adjacent to the neighborhood is the Lakeline Mall, as well as a number of shopping centers and stores. Of course, being within the city of Austin, there is access to all of the wonderful shopping, dining, and entertainment options of the city, within just a few minutes' drive or a quick trip on public transportation.

The author writes articles on Austin Real Estate Blog. For more information about REMAX Austin, Pflugerville TX homes and Homes in Canyon Creek can be found on the net.

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