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Debt Reduction
Take this "3-step" life preserver and use it... and don't feel like you're alone. If you ever wanted to get financially ahead, if you've ever had an argument in your home over money, if you ever thought you were drowning in a sea of debt, take this "3-step" life preserver and use it... and don't feel like you're alone in a sinking boat. ...

Compound Interest & Rule of 72
Albert Einstein called it the most powerful thing he had ever witnessed.
Compound interest is a fact of life. The only real choice you have is whether you will have compound interest working for you in savings or against you in debt. But what exactly is compound interest? And what is the "Rule of 72"?...

No History, No Credit... No Kidding!
It is most frustrating for those emigrating from another country . I receive a number of E-mails and see numerous postings concerning how to establish credit when all a creditor needs is history and the only thing that can create history is having credit. It is a never ending circle. And though frustrating for a youth trying to get his first car or someone just out of bankruptcy, it is most frustrating for those emigrating from another country who already have good credit in their native land. It just doesn't seem to matter to creditors but there's more than one way to skin a fish.

The 4 Keys To A Good Credit File
Keys to establishing and then maintaining a good credit file
Repairing your credit file is one step.  Establishing and maintaining your credit file is another.  Here are some ideas to help you get a good credit file...  and maintain a good record.

Credit Card Versus Debit
Credit and Debit Cards may look a great deal alike. But just because it walks like a duck, it just might be a penguin... or maybe a kangaroo. Not knowing the characteristics of each can create some difficulties.

What is Credit Repair and How Can It Help You?
There are millions of consumer credit reports on file from mainly three major reporting bureaus which include Trans Union, Experian, and Equifax. These credit gathering agencies store huge amounts of data about every person that takes out a loan, credit card, or any other line of credit. Information is reported to these credit bureaus when you apply for credit, apply for some jobs, or even apply for an insurance policy.

Choosing The Best Low Interest Credit Card
With so many low interest credit cards on offer, how do you know which one to choose? Here is a brief guide for choosing your low interest credit card.

Credit Report – Look Out for Your Debit Report, Too
Most consumers are aware that there are companies that keep track of their personal financial transactions – installment loans, mortgages, credit card accounts, bankruptcies and judgements. These items are assembled by the three main credit bureaus into a credit report, which is available upon request by lenders, employers and anyone else with whom a consumer might do business. The credit report tells these people, in a simple, summarized form, whether or not a consumer is worthy of more credit or another loan. What few people realize is that there is another firm that keeps track of the banking transactions by American consumers, and that information is available only to banks in the form of a debit report. You may not have heard of a debit report, but it can affect you in ways you may not even realize and can prevent you from opening a bank account.

What You Need To Know About Debt Negotiation On Credit Cards
Debt negotiation on credit cards is often referred to as credit card debt settlement. Whenever you make a credit card payment- or even pay your utility bills- it usually gets reported to one- or all- of the three main credit agencies. This activity will influence your credit score, which will determine your future credit status. But what do you do, if you find that you can no longer make the minimum payments on your credit cards? If your accounts are behind, or about to fall behind, you can turn to a credit management company, that will help you with your debt negotiation.

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