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How To Properly Run Your MLM Warm Market Without Being A Jerk

If you are new to the network marketing and MLM business, the first thing you sponsor will ask you is to make a list of your friends and family, commonly referred to a "warm market." While "running your warm market" can be a great way to grow your business, if you do it wrong, you could end up in the dreaded NFL (No Friends Left) club. Most people think that they need to present their opportunity in their warm market or they need to have some crazy sales pitch. How would you feel if the guy next to you your job said, "cmon man, we're all going to be RICH just do this deal with me!" and was all hyper. You would think he was nuts! But this kind of stuff happens every day in MLM. The key is to be excited about the business, but not too excited.

Share, but not too much. You need to arouse curiosity in your warm market. The absolute worst thing you can do is somehow trick your warm market into going to an opportunity meeting. This trickery has hurt the industry for years. Don't make it work by participating in such tactics. Your job with your warm market is one thing and one thing only.

To let them know that you are in the business and enjoy it. Let them come to you. If you are in an environmental company, by all means have products conveniently lying around the house. And maybe even give away product during birthdays or Christmas. But, that does not mean to cram the business down their throat.

Subtle works better every time. So, what is the best way to let your warm market know about your business? For starters, you should send out an email blast to everyone in your contact list letting them know that you have started a new home based MLM business and that you don't know a lot about it yet, but you are eager to get started and would like their support. The less you cram the business down their throat, the more they will support you.

That's a fact! A lot of MLM trainings state that you should do silly little exercises like make a list of every person that you have ever met since birth. That's just a little over the top. Do you really think that Timmy that you went to grade school with and has not spoken with you in 10 years is suddenly going to do business with you? If you don't know them well enough to be in your email address book, they aren't in your true warm market. After you alert your contacts that you are in the business, the next step is selective follow up. What's selective follow up? It means following up only with the people that you seriously think will take a look at your opportunity.

Some signs to look for are people that are currently in MLM or have been in MLM in the past, people who are involved in sales, people that are looking for a new job or are dissatisfied with their current job. For those people, make a phone call and to see if they got your email. Since you are new, you can play dumb with any questions that they have and refer them to your corporate website or do a three way with your sponsor. They will often ask if you are making any money yet.The great thing about running your warm market as a newbie is it's ok to say that you're not making money as they will understand that it does take some time to get your business up and running. Warm market can be a profitable area of your MLM prospecting and should be taken seriously.

With these tips in hand, you will have the confidence to run your warm market with ease.

Carlos Scarpero is the host of the Network Marketing Minute podcast and is the creator of Success Duplicator, a free tool that will help you increase your personal enrollments by at least 20 reps per month and eliminate downline attrition. Learn more about this free tool at

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