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New local ordinances may help you come up with an unheard of business Where others see trouble, look for opportunity to start a new service or to make an innovation in an old business model. .A small business opportunity may be waiting in the talent of your hands. Do you garden, fix your car, or do bead work? Whatever you know how to do there's a market for it, especially if you add a new twist to your idea. You can sell those plants at online auction sites like a friend of mine.

How about starting an emergency car repair service and bring your shop with you. Expand that bead work talent into making and selling art jewelry. There are many auctions sites where you can sell your jewelry art. .

As a small business entrepreneur the world is yours. The green industry is wide open. Do they have recycling where you live? If not, consider starting a recycling business Or if there is a private one already, then start a pickup and delivery service for people's recyclables. Are you inventive? Your invention could make a mint.

A friend of mine has invented new tools for her craft and sells them online. .To help yourself with finding the small business opportunity that's right for you think about these personality traits and see which is like you. .

Are you concerned with improving the things around you? Maybe you can modify some type of business to make it better. .Do you like to give advice? Perhaps you can teach people to do something and sell your e-book.

It could be a small business advice book. .Do you have a dynamic personality? Then as a small business entrepreneur, you're business will be branded by your charisma. .Are you creative? Your small business opportunities are available on the internet at sites where you can sell, photography, music, screen savers or designer jeans and also your writing skills. Many colleges offer a small business advice service so be sure to check out what is offered locally.

These are usually free of charge. The internet offers a variety of advice that may help you. These cover areas like startup plans and marketing, forums, proposal writing, branding, various ways to use the internet to advertise and grow your business. .The Small Business Administration is chock full of help for the small business entrepreneur including a plan tutorial and outline, financial assistance, local resources, and a lot more.

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