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The Four Foundations of Online Success

They say it happens 95% of the time. There is a dream - the dream of owning a successful online business. There is a goal - the goal of being free to work how you want, when you want and where you want. And there is desire - a burning desire to succeed and create a life of abundance.

Yet, even amid the dreams, the goals, and the burning desire, over 90% of new online businesses fail. ** Why? ** The reason is this: Doing business online is SO much different that doing business online. But there's hope . and plenty of it! And I'm going to give you that hope right here, right now. What you need is knowledge.

A very specific type of knowledge. Now, you've probably heard that "Knowledge is power." Well, I respectfully disagree.

I say instead that The RIGHT Knowledge is Power. If knowledge alone were enough then these things would be true. * University professors would rule the world. * Politicians would stay home and we would run the country. (What do they know about the real world?) * And . the eBooks you read would automatically make you successful! So what type of knowledge DO you need to succeed online? I call them the Four Foundations of Online Success.

1. How to Get Visitors to Your Site Some people will visit your site automatically. Some will find you in the search engines. And some you will invite specifically. The KEY to success with visitors is to remind them to come back and visit again! The reason I say this is that over 95% of first time visitors won't order on the first visit. It's a fact, *you* must remind them to come back and see you again.

The more you remind them, the more you will sell. 2. How To Advertise Advertising online is much like advertising offline. You find a place that has the type of visitors you want and buy an ad.

Simple really. The KEY to success with advertising is to try new things until you find the three or four ways that work best for you. Some people like ezine ads. Some like banners.

Some like sending email. What you will like depends on your offer and your budget. Try new things and you will find what you like.

3. How to Write Words that Make the Sale Writing words that make people buy is so much easier than people think. It's just a matter of speaking from the heart.

Here's a hot tip. Write down on a piece of paper the five reasons why your best friend should buy your product. Once you have that list, you have everything you need to succeed with email messages, web copy, and more.

Told you it was easy! ;) 4. How to Follow Up with Prospects If there is ONE key to success online it is following up with people who visit your site but don't buy the first time. Think of it this way . if they don't buy it simply means they need more information, right? I mean, if they knew what you know about your product, they would order right now! The good news is that you can follow up using a wonderful technology called autoresponders. You don't need an advanced degree to use one and there are companies who make it super simple to succeed with this strategy. The most successful sites on the Internet "convert" about 2% of visitors to customers.

But what about the other 98% who COULD buy, who SHOULD buy, but don't? For them, there is follow up. Set up your follow up system today and put time on your side. If you will say "no" to the hype and follow this simple plan, you will find that success is yours in record time. No need to read the 212 eBooks you downloaded but didn't have time for. No need to pay big bucks for someone to be your "mentor".

And no need to struggle with costly trial and error. Just four simple steps . that's all it takes.

C. R. Ellsworth is retired and living in the 'Great North Woods'.
He's been involved in On-Line & Network Marketing since 2000.
The Four Foundations
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