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Utilizing Options And Sources Of Cash For A Company

A business enterprise needs cash like a car needs gas. An essential part of running a company is to ensure continuous cash flows and arrange a substantial amount when required in order to meet other commitments. Sources of cash for an enterprise or a company are generally retrieved through the revenues earned while dispensing a service to the client or selling a product to the client. The company uses the revenue generated for the fulfillment of the commitments of the company on a regular basis.

Options Available There may be times when the payments from the clients get delayed or the business is running under losses. The cash requirements at these times usually don't lessen and the commitments must still be met. The cash requirements also grow when the company wants to expand or venture into new businesses. Revenues Companies utilize the revenues earned by a company, after rendering the services to the client or selling a product, in order to meet regular commitments. This amount generally caters to the expenses of the current point in time and three to four months into the future. Excess/Reserve Cash The company, at the time of inception, generally invests cash, after meeting the initial expenses.

The company keeps these funds for any exigency. This reserve cash, when approved by the board of directors, is utilized discreetly. Since it is meant for exigency purposes only, a prudent company doesn't tap into it every time a cash crunch arises. Stocks/Shares: The company can raise capital by selling new shares either to the public or to the board of directors.

The company may also sell these shares to potential investors. The shareholders and directors may choose to issue more shares to raise even more money. Stock Pledge The procedure of assigning the shares of the company to a money lender, as a surety, is called a stock pledge. The company authorizes the lender either to sell or to auction the assigned stocks in case of default on the repayment.

Credit Obtaining credit amount is also an option for the company. This can be difficult if the company is new or if the credit record is not good. The creditors scrutinize the credit record of the company as well as the owners. In order to approve a line of credit the creditors must find a history of routine and timely repayment with no defaults. Loans There are various loan options available to a company. Among these are small business loans, large business loans and trade loans.

The size of the company, its history, and market potential are the factors that may ensure the approval of the loan to the company. The loans are for varied terms and tenors. Small businesses generally prefer small loans for a shorter period of time. The large business houses in need of large loan amounts have larger repayment tenures.

David Gass is President of Business Credit Services, Inc. His company publishes a free weekly e-newsletter on Small Business Consulting at their web site

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