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What are Drop Shippers

Drop shippers are businesses. They stock merchandise. They usually have large warehouses full of a variety of items.

Their business is to sell their merchandise through you to your customers. They sell to you at wholesale prices. You sell to your customers at retail prices.

htm Your profit is the difference between the wholesale and retail price. They package and ship the merchandise directly to your customer eliminating your need to buy inventory and to store inventory. You can easily locate drop shippers. You can find lists of drop shippers on the Internet.

You simply type in the words drop shippers into the search box of your favorite search engine. You will get many search results. There are drop shippers who sell just about every item under the sun and in every price range. The process works like this: 1.You sign up on the drop shippers web site.

You tell the drop shipper that you are going to sell the merchandise through eBay. You need to carefully read the terms of sales that will be listed on the website. You need to be certain that there are no minimum purchase requirements and that they will ship single items. 2.Choose the items from the drop shippers inventory that you want to sell. The drop shipper will supply you with a description and picture of each item.

Lets say that one item that you choose to sell will cost you $5.99. 3.

List the item for sale on eBay. You will price the item at, maybe, $19.95.

4.You sell an item. 5.As soon as you receive payment for the item, you notify the drop shipper of the sale either by phone or by filling out a form on the drop shippers website.

You give the drop shipper the name and address of your customer. 6.You pay the drop shipper for the item and for the have charged your customer for shipping so this doesnt come out of your pocket.

7.The drop shipper packages and ships the item to your customer. http://intercomm-group.

com/index.htm Thank you,


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